Patrons have the option of checking out a bike from three kiosks called, Cyclestations™ located in Tulsa at 19th Street and Riverside, 41st Street and Riverside, and in Jenks at the 96th street Arkansas River pedestrian bridge. Although there is no cost to check out a Tulsa Townies bicycle, a credit card is needed for identification purposes and to help prevent theft.

Patrons may return their Tulsa Townies bicycle at any one of the locations regardless of where the bicycle was originally checked out. Patrons must be at least 18 years of age to ride a Tulsa Townies bike.  There is a limit of 2 bikes per credit card.

To Check Out a Bicycle:

  • Patron must press red “Yes” button to agree to waiver printed on side of Cyclestation™ in order to proceed with bike rental
  • Insert and remove credit card.  After a patron has chosen the desired bike, they can enter the bike number which is found either on the side of the bike or on the rear fender of the bike
  • Press “#” key
  • When card has been approved, screen will display transaction number and the bicycle lock will flash
  • Remove bike from lock located at the front wheel and then ride off!

To Return a Bicycle:

  • Patrons may return the bike to any Tulsa Townies Cyclestation™ location (Tulsa River Parks at 19th Street, 41st Street, and in Jenks at the 96th street Arkansas River pedestrian bridge).
  • At the Cyclestation™ rental kiosk, press the red “Yes” button to return the bicycle
  • After pressing the red “Yes” button, attach the bicycle to any unoccupied bike lock. The lock will flash and a buzzer will sound on the Cyclestation™ when the bicycle is locked correctly.

If you have any difficulty checking out or returning the bike, call (918) 481-7979 for assistance.